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Can Youtube Become A Household TV Channel?

Youtube have launched their new ‘Movies & Shows’ section adding new full-length content from a selection of studios. Question is, can Youtube become a household content provider in our living rooms? With LCD and Plasma TV manufacturers introducing IP (Internet Protocol) connections to new generation TV’s as standard, delivering Internet media into our lounges looks to be a possibility. The choice of content is a little dated to say the least, if you’re partial to soaps like "The Young And The Restless" and top movies like – Errmmm you know – "The Mod Squad" Well-known somewhere I’m sure, then this new section will be right up your street.

Of course the quality needs to stream down at a decent resolution, but given that Youtube now offer an entry HD option, we should begin to see more full length media enter our home on devices other than computers. Sadly at time of writing, the new ‘Movies and Shows’ feature is not available in the UK.

As a Custom Installer of Home Automation & Multiroom Audio & Video equipment, I find the prospect of delivering online media into our domestic environment via an IP TV set pretty exciting. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing a "Browse Online Media" button on my new TV’s remote control – it’s on its way folks! All I need now is for BT to turn the wick up a little on my broadband. I know it’s the Fens, but it is the 21st century. Come on guys, more Internet speed please.