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Can You Plan For Success?

Plan For Success & Work From Home

Today is the first day of a new venture I will be sharing with all of you over the next coming months. My plans to launch a new online business in the music field have started today. Working from home is wonderful, but commands real discipline. Anyone who operates a business from home already knows that you have to treat every minute as if you were working for someone else. If you don’t it’s too easy to slack off and surf the web or take a brake and make yet another cup of coffee.

I was thoroughly enjoying last nights Twitter posts because I felt the excitement and enthusiasm from so many people planning their 2009 – and whilst so many are feeling the pinch of this global recession, its wonderful to bask in the positive energy of my global friends as I watch them hatch this years mater-plans.

It’s healthy to remain positive and motivated in these difficult times as I really believe a positive minds is a stronger one! I’ve been in the process of mind-mapping today, (a useful strategy I learnt as a Stompernet member) and this help really visualise what tasks lie ahead and kind of make things more tangible. In you head its an idea, on paper or on screen its an action – and its that process of mind-mapping that makes things happen for me. It’s almost like I have to physically see a "to do list" in order to get anything done and as soon as processes are in place, I can begin to take action.

Phill Mason's Mind Map


Now this is not going to be an overnight launch or anything like that, this is me "Phill Mason" publicly announcing that I will be spending most of my year focused on this one project and committing to it 100%. Blimey that felt good. So, it’s neck on the line time for me because you can follow me day by day to see exactly what I do as I setup this new business and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two and hopefully you’ll teach me something, but most importantly, if you are just starting out online, I hope to be able to share with you my experience as an entrepreneur and marketer by posting action lists, images, audio and video of my complete  business plans for 2009. I hope you can take some of this and apply it to your business too. Now if all goes completely wrong and I totally fail, you can point and laugh if you wish, but it’ll all be posted here for your disposal –  warts and all, so please join in, comment, ask questions and make suggestions, its gonna be fun!

There’s an old saying "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail". As with any new business, concept first, then planning, then research. This should all be actioned before spending a dime. If you truly want to work from home and begin making a real business for yourself throughout 2009, then dig your heels in hard and let’s get started. Here’s to a prosperous and most successful 2009.

Special thanks goes out to Shannon Cole for helping me fix my text wrapping around my images issue. All gone and fixed now thanks to Shannon, Cheers Buddy – Mucho Aprreciato. For those of you who don’t know Shannon, he’s a cool marketer, a master of the links and a great 30 day challenge colleague, you would do well to follow his every move –