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Thirty Day Challenge Theme Song Music Video 2008

Wow, well here we are once again, at the beginning of August and its the grand opening of another Thirty Day Challenge. The 30 Day Challenge is the mastermind of two of the internets most highly-respected marketers – Ed Dale and Dan Raine and its designed to show you step-by-step, how to setup a rock-solid foundation for your new or existing online business. All the tools and all the techniques you could ever wish for are presented to you in crystal-clear video format – the best coaching program you're likely to see! Best of all, its all for free and anyone can join in at any time – Check it out here 30DC you'll be glad you did.

This means only one thing for me – time to write a new theme song and make a video to boot. Of course I've been working on this one for the last few months, a verse riff here and a middle 8 melody there, piece by piece the song has nicely come together, but not after several rewrites though. Some of the best songs have come from writing a phrase or melody only to realise that the piece you've just written is exactly what you don't want. I personally have no formula for writing songs and I don't really care which comes first – melody, riff or lyrics, it matters not to me, only that inspiration comes from one of them to inspire me for the rest – that'll do me nicely! I've written both songs to lyrics and put lyrics to tunes and neither seems any easier than the other. I think as a composer, you know when its right and if you're honest, you know when its not. Sometimes you really want a tune to work as you know it has a certain something to it and it may not be a bad tune, but perhaps it just doesn't work in that particular configuration and thats what needs to change. Talk about "pressure on" scooters man, it's like the infamous "second album" – can Phill do it again and write another catchy tune for this years 30 Day Challenge!! Thanks guys no pressure – phew! If you missed last years song – check it out here – Last years 30 Day Challenge Music Video.

I really like this song if I do say so myself, its simple and melodic. If I'm not confident of a melody or tune, I either rework it or trash it and start again, but this years 30DC theme tune melody is memorable – and thats what people like in a song, it also has an uplifting happy feel to help get people motivated for the challenge each day. Sure the track is perhaps a little cliché with a few prog-rock references at the end of the song, but its original, memorable and most of all fun – and that is the foundation of a good song. I try not to attach myself to my music too much as you do put your head on the chopping-block ready for any type of criticism and abuse people wish to throw at you. I know Ed and Dan are in the same boat for what they put together for the challenge – you can never make everyone happy, you just have to put your stuff out there for folks to use and abuse, but you do have to be prepared to accept some non-friendly comments about your efforts, thats what creative people have to deal with, here's my efforts – say what you will, its what I'm offering. I wouldn't change it for the world, I love it.

The video also contains some humorous references to this years "Ed Dale Mankini" joke in the style of a couple of video I released earlier last month. If you didn't catch them, you can see them here on Youtube; Thirty Day Challenge is Misunderstood – Mankini Style! Beechworth Daily News For The Thirty Day Challenge Finally, a huge thanks to my gorgeous little kids – Oscar and Eva who sang their hearts out and giggled a lot – bless em! A special thanks to the missus – Katrina Mason and best friend Emma Fisher who helped me Rock-Out at the end of this video – you're both absolute stars – thank you. Here is this years official Theme Song for the awesome Thirty Day Challenge – let me know what you think, your feedback is very much appreciated – thanks. Please allow the video some time to load. 


You can join in all the fun & awesomeness and find out more about the Thirty Day Challenge by visiting; Post any questions you have here in the comments.

UPDATE! The Thirty Day Challenge is now know as "The Challenge".