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30 Day Challenge Music Video 2009 – Now Available For Download

Can you believe another year has breezed past and here we are again at the beginning of August 2009 and that means only one thing, it's Thirty Day Challenge time!

UPDATE! The Thirty Day Challenge is now know as "The Challenge".

This years Theme Song Music Video sees a collaboration of people from all over the globe and we are honoured to be graced with a brief appearance of the talents of Karen Kramer and her wacky creation of the Chip-Ed-Dale dancers, check out the video. So, to celebrate this, I have made a High definition version available for download. Now as many of you may know, the 30DC and all it stands for is Free and the training is absolutely amazing this year – best ever.

So why the paid download? Well, to keep in keeping with the 30DC's preferred charity, we want to give a little back and help those less fortunate than us, so all proceeds from the Video and Audio downloads will be donated to the Kiva charity and this is how you can help.

We're keeping it really simple – $2 for the HD Video and $1 for the MP3 Audio.

Simple click the "Buy Now" button and you can securely pay with your credit card via Paypal. It's been suggested that I include a "Donate" button for those who can afford it and would like do donate additional contributions to the Kiva charity. There's no download attached to the "Donate" button, it's simply that a donation. If you want the Video or Audio, please click the relevant "Buy Now" button for each, thanks.

Donations Only
30DC HD MP4 Video
30 DC MP3 Audio

As soon as you've paid for your item, click on "Return To Merchant" on the successful payment page and your download window will automatically popup and begin. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did making it and if we can make a small difference in someone's life, then it's been well worth while, thank you.