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The Thirty Day Challenge Challenges

As an admirer of the Thirty Day Challenge team and everything it stands for, I’m excited to say I will be taking the challenge again this year. We’re already into full swing and half-way through  pre-season, (that’s a kind of get all your tools together before we get started type thingy) and already participants of the 30DC are starting to see how powerful the material they are being shown is.

The 30 Day Challenge creators Ed Dale and Dan Raine bring a massive wealth of business knowledge to the table and whilst there are a ton of super-guru’s out there online, I cannot think of two mentors more qualified than Ed and Dan. Their own success is testament to their brilliance and lucky for us, they’re prepared to share their techniques for making money online with us via the Thirty Day Challenge program.

Its free to join and participate in the 30 Day Challenge so if you have ever considered making a living online, then you’d be wise to do the 30DC throughout August which is when the challenge starts. You’ll be led by the hand and shown step-by-step exactly what to do to setup your own business online.

The 30 Day Challengers will use audio, video, social bookmarking, blogs, websites, articles and so much more it may just seem a little scary at first and the biggest challenge 30DC’ers face is action, you simply must take action if you want to succeed.

You see there is a lot to learn, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed at the amount of new material you’re learning, you simply need to take action one step at a time, if it takes you 40 days or like some people last year 90 – 100 days, then who care’s. The most important thing is you are actually taking part and doing something about your future and not just sitting there on your arse wondering how it’s all going to happen for you.

I’ve been part of several high priced membership programs in the past and whilst it cost me a small fortune to be in those memberships, it made me realise that you cannot afford to not have good mentoring. When the option to take part in a free program like the Thirty Day Challenge comes along, you take it! I don’t reckon you could find anything else out there that comes even close to the quality of training you’ll receive in the 30DC – paid or not, it doesn’t exist.

I do hope you’ll find my posts interesting as I reveal what I’m up to in the 30DC and I also hope you’ll be following along with your own challenge and I wish you all the best of luck and every success. You can get hold of me or follow me via any of the following: