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This prediction on the future of the US Economy in so spot on is almost unbelievable!

For many, a recession is a blessing, for the majority, it’s a nightmare. When two economic advisors go head to head in a dispute as to where the US economy is heading, you have to ask yourself – what did Peter Schiff know that we didn’t?

As an internet marketer I obviously have an avid interest in the global economy, but when greed and fear kick in Big-Time in the USA, it’s time to take a step back to see how it will affect us all over the next few years to come.

When an economic advisor debates as strongly as Peter Schiff does, this surely demands a thorough investigation into what his predictions are based upon – I guess not! Back in August 2006 Art Laffer and Peter Schiff thrust their opinions upon one another and in my opinion, an excellent analysis from Peter Schiff as to why the US economy is going to be in a recession.

This short 8 minute video sums it all up in a nutshell – a must watch for every US resident and those interested in global economy.