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Hi guys, hopefully you’ve already seen the video about this years Thirty Day Challange Theme Song collaboration plan? If not, its sitting right here on this page for your viewing pleasure. I want to keep this really simple, so all you have to do to let me know you want to be involved in this years Them Song Video is, drop me an email with your name, email address and what you can bring to the video. Let me explain that in a little more detail.

If you can play an instrument like drums, guitar, keyboards sax etc, etc, then we will likely have musical parts for you to play and would love you to be one of the players on the video. If on the other hand you are more comfortable in the singing department, then its your vocals we want. Even if you can’t do either of those but would still love to be in this years 30DC video, then we will be offering parts of the video where people can mime to the vocal and submit their video clip for use in the master theme song.

When the song has been written, you will be notified about every part that is available to either play along with, sing along with or mime to. The more people involved with this years song, the more successful the track will become and as we are giving all proceeds from the downloaded track to Kiva, we want all the help we can get, so don’t be shy, get involved.

You have until the end of June 2009 to let me know if you’re in the mix or not. Get on the list and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks guys, this is going to be loads of fun – more soon.

Please enter your name, a valid email address and your message telling me what you’d like to do in the video
We will never share your details with any third party what-so-ever and that’s a promise.