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I'd always fancied having a bash at time lapse photography after being fascinated by Philip Bloom's Skywalker Ranch film. The night time sky time lapse in that short was simply amazing and really reminds you that we are spinning on this little earth of ours and the stars show this beautifully. Just lately we've had nothing but cloudy nights, but yesterday was classic, clear springtime and so I decided to give this time lapse malarkey a decent shot. My mission was to capture some clouds from the daytime and some stars in the night. It never seems to be very starry in my neck of the woods, but there are a few lovely bright stars and I managed to bag about 3 or 4 shooting starts – sweet!

I set up my camera (Canon 60D) using the stock 18-55mm lens on my sturdy Vinten tripod in the garage doorway and aimed it at the sky. All very technical here and very thorough. I set all the camera's controls to manual and took a few test shots to see how they looked. Everything appeared to look okay, so I set my intervalometer to take a snap every 5 seconds with 6 second intervals between shots.

With the sun about to cross the path of my camera, I checked back in on the camera every 30 to 60 mins or so to make sure I was still capturing decent looking images. I made a few adjustments along the way to improve colour and contrast, but pretty much left it alone every hour or so. The camera captured about 90 to 100 mins before the battery had to be charged and I only have one for this camera, so I had to get a little creative when putting all the images together to try and make it appear seemless. I decided to speed up a previous part of the time lapse and this covered quite nicely.

See if you can spot the strange single-frame red streak of light the zipped across the screen – freaky!

I decided to use the Vimeo video embed as the playback quality is far better than youtube or facebook.