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Royalty Free Music







Can you see what I did there in the photo?

Ok folks, I’d like to ask you all a favour. I have a couple of questions I’d like you to comment on. I’m doing some research into the music for video field and your feedback would be very much appreciated.

Let’s say you’ve finished filming for your latest video masterpiece and you know it requires something else to give it that crucial edge, that final pro touch, because you’re looking at dominating your competitors and it needs that extra sparkle they just don’t have. Either an Intro jingle, signature tune, musical branding, underscore for voiceover, an outro etc, call it what you like, but music is the emotional icing your video requires. What I would like to know is this;

1. Would you not bother with music and put your video out as it is – perhaps it doesn’t need musical enhancement?

2. Do you search online for the masterpiece to compliment your video and purchase the piece if its right?

3. What would you pay for a Royalty Free Piece of music? Something or Nothing?

I’m sure there are many of you who are capable of writing your own piece of original music, so this really goes out to those who can’t, but I’d still be interested to know if you like the idea of such a service.

I’m in the process of putting together some "Modular Royalty Free Music", let me explain. This came about when a friend asked if I could put a piece of music to their video – no problem I said, I’d love to. Thing is, there was a problem – how long should the music be! Sure he knew his video would be approx 4 minutes long, but he also said it could be 4 or 6 minutes.

You see he wanted to have the piece of finished music with him out in the field, so when he’d finished editing his filming for the day, he could upload his video to his office or client completely topped, tailed and with music and all the trimmings to boot.  This is when the modular music idea kicked in. If I could provide a client with modular pieces of music to accompany their video, the length would not be an issue and neither would its length need to be predetermined.

Here’s How The Modular Royalty Free Music Works

I provide you with an intro piece of 2 and/or 4 bars, a main underscore piece of 4 and 8 bar lengths similar to a verse of a song for the bulk of the video – something that’s easy to narrate over and finally an outro piece with alternate endings. Also additional layered pieces of music can also be provided in order to give your music additional variation throughout. Various fill-ins, Chorus pieces and Middle 8 parts can provide total flexibility and freedom for music creation without the difficulty of editing and arranging your video to fit the music. With music in MP3 or WAV modular form, arranging your music can be as easy as a simple drag and drop procedure in your NLE video software.

I have plans to provide music ranging from totally free music loops, to paid modular pieces right up to a music score you can purchase outright. I’m considering publishing other peoples compositions in order to provide a platform and outlet for other musicians/composers and also to provide clients with a vast varied library of Royalty Free Music all in one place.

I’ll add some modular audio examples to this post in a few days for you to listen to. You’ll be free to download them and try them in your next video creation so you can let me know how it worked out for you. Please consider commenting on my questions above as this will give me with some insight into whether or not you would use a service like this and in return I hope I can provide you with some useful compositions.

Thanks for your time and have a cracking 2009 – Happy New Year.