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Taking on the mammoth task of writing a totally original musical from scratch, was not as peachy I thought.

Back in January 2007, 3 people decided to dedicate a serious amount of their lives to the writing and creation of Mmm Mmm The Musical. Script writer and lyricist Katrina Mason and Co-Composer Ross Griggs would make up the dynamic trio along with myself – Phill Mason in readiness for hours and hours of hard work in the recording studio. With the huge task of writing 18 songs to Katrina’s lyrics, both Ross and I dug our heels in for what proved to be one of the biggest challenges we’d both experienced.

Two to three studio sessions a week writing music, putting a plethora of chords and melodies to lyrics seemed to be plenty of time, but as the months rapidly flew by, we realised that as we were approaching casting time in January 2008 and we did not have half of the songs ready – time to increase the pressure a tad! Some songs had not even been written yet. Other tracks had melodies that were okay, but there was still tons of work to be done to get to that “we are proud of everything” stage. All the songs had undergone a rough note pad which usually consisted of me on the piano with some chord ideas or the thrashing a groove out on the drums whilst Ross strummed some chords on the guitar. Gradually, we could see a small dim light at the end of the tunnel, but it was a light none-the-less.

Part 2  – Preparing the tracks and all parts ready for auditions – coming soon!