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People genuinely like to help and whilst it may seem like the earth to you because you've struggled with it so much, to someone who can do it in their sleep, it really is no big deal. You see leveraging other peoples skill set really should be a big part of your overall business strategy. The time, effort and money you'd save would be better spent on something you are good at.

Outsourcing tasks you neither want to learn or have time to learn, will benefit your business in the long run.

I'm certainly guilty of wanting to do and control everything to do with my business as I'm sure many of you are, but when you simply let go and allow someone who's clearly an expert in a particular field do a much more efficient job than you ever could, things start to happen much quicker for your business.

I had such a task recently and it was to move a WordPress blog from one host to another. Not so tricky for some I'm sure, but I had an issue or two with my current host that would not allow me to copy all my vital database files over to another host. I'd found a couple of online guides that made perfect sense and were really easy to follow, but not fully understanding my SQL from my XML, it made good sense to have someone else handle to task.

This post is to simply remind you to take a look inside your inner-circle of friends to see if a friend holds the skills you need, you may be surprised. Also to thank my friend Shannon Cole who saved the day and saved me a shed-load of heartache, thanks Shannon. His knowledge, speed and integrity is to be admired, you'd do well to follow him.

 Shannon Cole

You can usually find Shannon flying around Twitter, as he's often there helping someone out like me.