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After a couple of hours filming at the local Kung Fu Club, it was time to offload the P2 card into the PC. I thought I’d stick up a couple of screen grabs whilst I get stuck into the editing. I wanted to take some footage as my kids are learning Kung Fu here and it seemed like a good opportunity to add some interesting shapes for my showreel. I managed to grab some great slow motion combat footage right at the end which I’m looking forward to going through.

I’ll be doing a complete production on this video, whilst its most likely a bit rough in places, I only want to edit it down to something in region of 2 minutes. I’ll be writing an original  music score and maybe applying some sound effects, I have to play around to see what works well, but I’ll stick a clip up as soon as I have something I like.

For now, here’s a couple of sized down screen grabs from this evenings filming.

Students Practice Their Kung Fu Moves

Feet Close Up