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The Immediate Edge $1 Trial

I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that Dan Raine may have completely lost all his marbles. Dan Raine is allowing complete and total access to the Internet Marketers favourite membership club the Immediate Edge for one measly dollar. That’s right folks, $1 will grant you more than just a glimpse into the treasure trove that is the immediate edge, it will allow you to walk the halls of the marketing brilliance of two of today’s most respected marketers – Dan Raine and Ed Dale. For 14 days you can dig your shovels in really deep and fill your buckets to the brim in order to see if the Immediate Edge is for you or not. Those Thirty Day Challengers amongst you who took full advantage of the free training materials provided throughout August, will feel right at home and you are the most likely candidates to take your business to the next level.

Inside the Immediate Edge you’ll be able to quickly grasp the concept of how the latest advance marketing skills are taught and more importantly, how you can instantly use them in your own business for instant results. I’ve seen many courses come out this year based around the kind of techniques and strategies we were using in the “Edge” about six months ago. This is cutting edge stuff and is not for beginners. If you are a complete newbie, go through the free training provided at the thirty day challenge, then come back here when you’ve cut-your-teeth as you may well be ready for some “Edge” techniques!

I could go on for pages and pages about what I think of the Immediate Edge, but rather than read about why being a member is so important to me, why not head over to the Immediate Edge home page and read about the nitty gritty, get the low down of what’s coming up now and next year and give the trial a go.

Access The Immediate Edge For $1 Right Here!

This could well be the beginning of a whole new journey for you and your business and I wish you the most success with your findings, I’ve never looked back since becoming a member just over a year ago and I’m confident you won’t either.

See you on the inside!