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Getting Organised With Some Time Management

It’s hard to delegate the appropriate amount of time to each daily task when you work from home and you are your own boss. If you’re serious about working from home then you’re going to have to be tough on yourself just like your boss would be if you worked for someone else. With an ever-growing list of daily activities taking up our valuable profit-making time and the constant temptation to get side tracked into some online social event, some time management and realistic planning is most definitely in order. Do so and you will be streets ahead of the most of your competitors.

Whilst making a recent mind-map for this years new business project, I made a point of estimating the amount of time I thought each task is going to take in order to get a guide on how much time I can realistically allocate to each task. It’s important to be aware of what takes the most and least time and how much closer each task will move you toward your goals. If you are like me and like to (think you can) do everything yourself, then this may well be your downfall. I love being creative, so I love to learn and apply my skills, like many of you do I’m sure, but learning HTML, CSS, Java, Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver is a hugh amount of time and effort taken up just to put up a groovy looking website – and a new sparkly website is just one small part of setting up an online business. Perhaps my time is better spent designing the website and then outsourcing it to someone who does this every day! I know that outsourcing and leveraging the resources of others is going to be a financially smart move for me this year.

Take some time to list your daily activities like, how much time you take reading emails, posting on Twitter, watching videos on Youtube or chating with friends on Facebook etc. This part is important, ‘Be Honest With Yourself’ and write down exactly how much time you really do spend on these activities. You will be terrified at how much of your day is wasted on leisure stuff and the more time you waste –  then the more non-profit steps you take towards failure. Make sure to add in things like phone calls and making tea and coffee etc, even going to the toilet, I’m not saying you should go, but when it’s down on paper, then – and only then will you be able to see just how little time you actually spend trying to make money. It is scary and when you’re the boss you should be constantly peering over you own shoulder to make sure you’re working as hard as you should be. By simply reorganising your time by just a tiny amount, can give you so much more time to be productive.

Every person I’ve come across who runs a successful business either on or offline, is constantly evaluating their time to see if time spent could be improved. Consistently take small achievable steps towards your goals, stay focused and plan for success.