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I have to admit, I have fell hopelessly in love with the iphone app – Instagram. It’s a photo app with with a great blur and light effect bundled with tons of really cool filters to make you look like a cool photographer. I honestly can’t stop using it, taking snaps of all sort of boring mundane stuff, just to see them magically appear as a cool retro-style pic from the 70’s and 80’s.

I feel as if I’m the last person to download the app and play around with it – of course I’m not, but it has been around for a while and from what I can tell, has had a few welcome updates.

Uploading your new masterpiece to your favourite social media site is a piece-of-cake, one flick of a button and you can share your images on a host of site like Twitter and Facebook and Flickr to mention a few. Whilst I love this feature, I also wanted to be able to save my pics to my camera roll without sharing them socially and here is a very simple work-around.

How To Save Instagram Photos
All you need to do is

1: Go to “Settings” and switch your phone to “Airplane Mode” to ON.
2: Take you pictures with Instagram and click share

This works simply because whilst in Airplane Mode you’re not connected to any networks, be it cellular or Wifi and Instagram says it has failed to upload your photo – cool. The good news is, you now have a super-duper copy of that image in your camera roll – sorted.

I like this approach as I found myself wanting to take 5 or 6 pics of a subject to get the right composition and saving each one was a pain in the butt, so this is a quick and simple solution.

Alternative Instagram Option
Another option I read somewhere was to take your pic as normal, upload your pic to wherever you like from within Instagram and then simply delete it a few seconds later. This also works, but if I know I want to take a few practice pics without uploading, the Airplane Mode is my first choice.

If you’re an Instagram newbie like me, I hope you find this as useful as I did?