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How could I possibly post a happy birthday video to Ed Dale a couple of days ago and then completely forget about the one and only HarmonicBarbie? Simply put, I couldn’t. Now either there’s a new trend being set here or I’m a sucker for a Happy Birthday vid. It’s not like I love being in front of the camera or anything!

Anywho! Barb has been a faithful online companion for around three years now – basically since I did my first 30 Day Challenge and even though we’ve never met, we’ve become good friends and I have the utmost respect for Barb and I look forward to the day we finally meet. Now it was clear that I couldn’t just pick up my guitar and sing into the camera another blues tune, so aside from battling Man-Flu, (listening out for sympathy) I needed to come up with something a little different. Here’s what I did.

I sponged the video from Youtube of Barb’s Dad playing a harpsichord they had for sale and attempted to write some lyrics and come up with a melody that would fit, well almost fit, well kind of. Twas not easy as my monotonic, minor, melodic baroque was a tad rusty, but this is what I came up with none the less – enjoy.