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I came across a relatively new Internet Marketing product review site today I really liked and their approach to the IM world was refreshing. It was direct and very realistic – that’s very rare these days and something I can easily relate to – Great work Paul Timmons.

Guru products and their added bonuses
Something I’ve been meaning to write about for many months now and reading Paul’s blog finally pushed me to get on with it.

I was very disappointed with the recent video from Mike Filsame regarding James Kumner’s "Traffic Crusher". I didn’t care much for the opening scare tactics. Using Citibanks recent huge redundancy figure’s in my opinion, was is poor taste. After watching the drawn-out half an hour video just to find out what the link was to the product, I would have had a little more respect for Mike had he said, ‘Right this product and massive list of bonuses are worth a total of $4184 and that’s what you’ve got to pay if you want it’! Now that would have shown some respect to his current paying customers, but oh no, lets put the viewers of this video through a painful "You’re Not even Going To Pay" slide upon slide. To me that selling approach has exactly the same effect as "This Product Is Not Worth" Bla, bla, bla, and so on.

I am so sick of seeing Guru’s water down their "amazing" offer with lame bonuses; to the point that it immediately puts me off if they offer them. I wonder when they’ll wake up and realise that moving the so called ‘free line’ by adding loads of bonuses is actually having an adverse effect and I would guess that most customers would appreciate more value in the product (if it’s actually worth it) as apposed to clearly stating that this product is so lame on its own, I’m attempting to bump up its value by adding all my old stuff that doesn’t sell anymore.

Come on Guru’s, if your product really can make the amount of money you say it can, then why would we need any bonuses that we haven’t got time to go through added on top?

I really like Mike Filsame, so this is not a direct dig at him, as most Guru’s are pursuing this sales approach at present, its a general whinge at all Guru’s who cannot see how this sales approach effects their credibility – wake up, re-price and trash the bonuses.