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At the beginning of 2009 I made the decision that I would devote the majority of my time towards creating a product I'd had in mind for quite some time. I'm now both proud and excited to announce that "Crash Course Muso" is live. Born from my passion of music and teaching, my first of many products in the "Crash Course" field, is a beginners guitar video course designed to have students playing within the first few minutes and teaching them step-by-step how to play guitar in the shortest time possible.

Following much extensive research, I took all the essential ingredients required to be able to play guitar and boiled them down into 30 high definition video guitar lessons.

Learn To Play Guitar with Crash Course Muso's beginners guitar course

You can join for free and check out the "Free Muso" guitar lessons to see if you like it. This is a great way to see if we're compatible. Do you like the way I teach and can you actually get something from it? I'm pretty confident I can have you playing within the first couple of minutes into the very first free lesson, so there's absolutely no risk on your part. Give it a go, I think you'll like it.

There is a monthly membership option an annual option and then there's the Crash Course which is called the "Course Muso" membership. This is the most intense and also the fastest learning course available.

Short and easy to digest was top of the list when I created this course, as I'm very aware of the limited time people have these days and the ability to consume short bursts of information is far easier than hour long videos that you'll most likely forget. Short and sweet visual media consumption is the order of the day and plenty of it across 30 days. Everything comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try.

If you're looking for something new in 2010 and you really do want to learn to play guitar, then try Crash Course Muso because it will take you from a complete beginner to an accomplished guitarist in next to no time.

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