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Screen Grabs & Colour Correction With The Panasonic HVX200 P2 Camcorder

I had the pleasure recently of spending a freezing cold afternoon at the local park with the kids and although my ears were about to drop off because I’d forgotten to take neither a hat, scarf or gloves with me, I still had the urge to get the Panasonic HVX200 camcorder away from the studio and into the brisk wilderness. It was a fairly overcast day which is generally good for filming and apart from not being able to stop shivering, I’ve taken a couple of screen grabs from the footage of my son to show you how much difference varying amounts of colour correction can make to a final cut. A screen grab is a great way to show this as it allows you to compare the exact same shot whilst deciding the amount of colour correction to apply to get your desired look.

Sometimes the raw footage direct from the Panasonic HVX200 with the SGPro 35mm adapter is spot on and no colour correction is required. It really does depend on what you’re after. It’s only when you see an image like the ones below with and without colour correction, that you begin to see that the original raw screen grab is washed out, lacking in colour depth and contrast. Like I said before, sometimes this is the right look for the right film!

I’d love to get your feedback as to which is your favourite screen grab below and why you chose it – thanks.

Equipment Used: Panasonic HVX200 – P2 Media – SGPro 35mm Adapter – SGPro Flip Module – SGPro Follow Focus – Canon FD lenses