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Passionate for Music, Marketing & Movies!

Yes I’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marketing Muso enjoying life as I plough my way around this crazy planet we call Earth! I’m a proud Brit who loves tea on the lawn (no really), lager, wine, meat, loud music, fast cars and loose women (actually that last bit isn’t true) I love my wife too much 🙂 and most of all my two amazing children – for they are why I do!



Music is perhaps my first love as I’ve played on and off since a child. I love what music can do to people and how amazing it can make you feel when you play something that has enough energy or passion to make you emotional. I’ve never experienced anything like it – the buzz and adrenaline rush you get when thousands of people are screaming and cheering you on is quite simply out of this world. To understand you have to experience it, but let me tell you it’s one of the most exhilarating feelings you can have and it absolutely kicks the arse off any drugs you could take. It takes several hours or sometimes days to come down from a real good gig trip and that feeling I want to keep experiencing over and over again, which is why I think I will always play something, somewhere, with someone. Happy Times!

I’m also blessed and totally thankful to have experienced some of the most amazing venues a muso could ever wish to play. I’ve played the lot, from the most flea-bitten, scummiest, roughest UK pubs right upto to the almighty Royal Albert Hall in London – by far my most memorable gig to date.


My Internet marketing rush came when I made my first few cents with Adsense, boy what a day that was. I’d made a colossal $0.89 for the first time ever online and that was it, I was hooked. $0.89 I hear you all say, indeed, but it was at that precise moment that I realised it was possible to make money online and into the Internet marketing realm I would glide. The flexibility and sheer mass of business options available to people online is absolutely huge. When you realise that setting up a new business online is no different to doing it offline, it become more realistic and easier to understand what major planning is required to be successful. I certainly learned the hard way and following several lame business systems online that produced zero results, I started to understand that there was no magic-pill that would make me an overnight tycoon – bugger, I was going to have to work for it and bloody hard too! Internet Marketing is hard and anyone telling you any different is not being honest with you, anything worth having is going to take considerable time, effort and dedication, if you’re prepared to commit to that, then the rewards can be unbelievable.


I’m actually into making movies, well short films, clips, video – call it what you like, it’s more of a hobby really as oppose to sitting and watching them. I do love watching a good film, but not being a TV fan, I rarely sit down to watch anything these days, but I do, I find myself watching how the film was shot, what lighting is being used, what camera angle they used and why and also what the music is doing to the scene being shot. You may think that this all detracts from the enjoyment of the film, but on the contrary, it just makes you appreciate how brilliant some film makers are and I watch in awe of their brilliance to reel me into the scene. As a budding Indie Film Maker, I’m starting off by filming a few bands to kick-start my film career and then followed up with a couple of film shorts. Keep an eye out for some coming soon! If you have something to say, don’t be shy – type away, who knows we might just become best friends! All the BestPhill Mason