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My Valuable Marketing Lesson.

Today I was fortunate enough to witness something very valuable indeed. In this super-polished web 2.0, social bookmarking frenzied Internet life we lead, I come to realize just how important the circles I move in are and more importantly – the friends I make along the way.

Today, a friend in need put their hand up high in the air and said “guys, I’m in a situation and I could really use your help”.

The Internet Marketing crowd have a certain stigma attached to them that often paints a sometimes dull image of  a pestering salesman – fair enough, that’s what most marketers do – they sell stuff. However, what isn’t very often published is the complete kindness, strength and the real value of friendships that are built in our everyday online social lives through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed etc.

I for one am extremely proud to be a part of the internet marketing community and would like to take my hat off and thank all of you who actually got involved today and helped out a marketing friend without even thinking twice about it – you should be proud of what you’re part of.

So the very valuable marketing lesson I learnt today was; anything is achievable when you have the sheer force of like-minded friends right behind you. It certainly highlighted the importance of friends and how quick a group of marketers can make something happen in a very short period of time – scary (in a nice way). My friend’s problem was rectified today and it made me realise that every new friend I come across in my marketing circles, could just well be the most important person I’ll ever meet. Who knows!